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14 Nov
Land with fence

FAQ about Land Loans with Agrow Credit

FAQ about Land Loans with Agrow Credit We’d like to take this opportunity for you to get to know more about land financing with Agrow.  So, let’s get started with the basics. What types of “land” qualify for an Agrow land loan? Ranches Farms Pastures Recreational Investment Now that we have that settled, what can […]

08 Nov
Cattle Herd

Five Herd “Rules of Wisdom”

Five Herd “Rules of Wisdom” There are many different methods to raising livestock, yet there are 5 proven “rules of wisdom” that we can agree upon. #1. Work with a good veterinarian & keep animal health at the forefront. Animal health depends on many factors like preventing and treating diseases, but also maintaining pasture health.  […]

02 Nov
Farm Bill

A Cry for Farm Bill Completion

On September 30th the 2014 Farm Bill expired and a new bill has yet to make its way to Congress.  Financial security for farmers and ranchers is a necessity and particularly with the many obstacles they are facing including low prices, an uncertain market and unpredictable weather. The farm bill will supply that safety net […]

26 Oct
Proper financing equals bigger profits

Better Financing = Bigger Profits with Agrow

Better Financing = Bigger Profits Is your current lender following through on this? At Agrow we are often able to move our customers to a lower fixed rate from their existing higher variable rates (as well as fixed). Getting a lower rate isn’t the only thing that Agrow can help with. Agrow (headquartered in Austin, […]

19 Oct
Herds of cows trapped in a flooded field

Livestock Readiness & Recovery During a Flood

As we’ve seen in Texas this past week, flooding events can quickly occur and cause unnecessary chaos if you are not properly prepared. We thought now is the perfect time to review some actions to take prior to these emergency events. As we well know, having livestock and other animals on a farm or ranch creates […]

11 Oct
Ag Lender

Qualities to look for in an Ag Lender

Qualities to look for in an Ag Lender Agriculture has always been a tough industry and today is especially no exception. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re doing business with a lender that has your best interests in mind by providing you financial services that are ethical and appropriate for […]

28 Sep
Closeup of a Hereford cow nuzzling her calf. The calf's eyes are closed and looks like she's smiling.

Why is Agrow the ideal choice for your next livestock loan?

Why is Agrow the ideal choice for your next livestock loan? Whether you operate your livestock on a small or large scale, we understand your business goals and expansion needs.  Unlike traditional banks, we recognize the ups and downs of the Ag industry.  This is why our loan department works diligently to customize your loan(s) […]

19 Sep
Line-of-Credit (1)

Manage your business better with an Agrow Line-of-Credit

Manage your business better with an Agrow Line-of-Credit A line of credit offers the convenience and flexibility to assist you in managing your cash in-flows and out-flows.   No matter if you need cash for farming, ranching, or some other agribusiness venture; we make it easy for you to make those necessary purchases throughout the year […]

13 Sep

Equipment & Machinery Loans at Agrow

Equipment & Machinery Loans at Agrow Your business depends on tools and equipment that keep up with your constant on-the-go pace.  To maintain and grow, it’s important to ensure that your equipment investments are hard at work along with you while allowing more freedom with your business finances. At Agrow, we finance equipment and machinery […]