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17 Apr
Weather the Interest Rate Storm (2)

When it rains, it pours. Increasing interest rates have arrived!

When it rains, it pours.  Increasing Interest Rates Have Arrived! It has been more than 10 years since interest rates have increased as much as they have recently.  Within the last 5 months, the Wall Street Journal Prime (WSJP) rate increased from 3.25% to 4% and is expected to increase at least 2 more times […]

12 Apr
Closing Pic with Summit Valley Partners

Finance your Ag land with Agrow!

Did you know that Agrow finances agricultural land including farms, ranches, investment and recreational properties?  In short, we know land and what it takes to close land deals. Pictured here is Agrow’s Austin office staff and Summit Valley Partners, referred to us from an existing Agrow customer.  Last week we closed on their Colorado land […]

01 Feb
Three generations of men on the back of a truck on the family farm.  The grandfather, a senior man in his 60s, is the focus of the image, standing with his hand in his pocket, smiling at the camera.  His adult son and young grandson are behind him on the truck.  They are wearing jeans, work boots and jackets or flannel shirt.  Everything is brown or green, earthy colors.

We are approaching the largest generational transfer ever. It’s critical to get it right.

Agrow works with many inter-generational farmers and ranchers and we can play a role in ensuring that things go smoothly when the time comes for succession.  Whether it’s sharing our expertise in agricultural finances and operations, or preparing loans for adult children to buy out their parents’ farms and ranches, we are proud to be […]