Why is Agrow the ideal choice for your next livestock loan?

Why is Agrow the ideal choice for your next livestock loan?

Whether you operate your livestock on a small or large scale, we understand your business goals and expansion needs.  Unlike traditional banks, we recognize the ups and downs of the Ag industry.  This is why our loan department works diligently to customize your loan(s) to meet the needs and future goals you desire.  We specialize in beef cattle, cow/calf operations and stockers.

Consider Agrow for:

  • Expanding your herd
  • Management of cattle (feed, medicine, etc.) with an Operating Loan
  • Increasing your cash flow
  • Equipment & Rural Land Loan(s)

Benefits include:

  • Flexible terms (3 – 7 years)
  • Loans are customized to fit your financial situation
    • Sell your cattle in September? Your Agrow payment will be due in October.
  • Competitive interest rates with variable & fixed rate options
  • No prepayment penalties

Please note that although Agrow can lend nationally, we primarily offer cattle loans in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana & Mississippi for inspection purposes.

Contact us today and learn more about livestock loan options with Agrow.  Our belief is that better financing equals bigger profits for you.  Let’s get you started on this path today!



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