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A line of credit offers the convenience and flexibility to assist you in managing your cash in-flows and out-flows.   No matter if you need cash for farming, ranching, or some other agribusiness venture; we make it easy for you to make those necessary purchases throughout the year on an as-is-needed basis.  In addition, Agrow offers flexible collateral requirements that help you by leveraging your equity to build on your assets.

At Agrow, we offer both budgeted and revolving lines of credit (LOC).  LOCs include, but are not limited to, operating costs, equipment and livestock purchases, crop input expenses and lease payments.

  • Budgeted – Make scheduled draws against your LOC based on your operation’s annual cash flow. You may borrow up to the credit limit one time.
  • Revolving – Draw and repay funds without budgetary restrictions as long as you are within your credit limit. This allows you to borrow up to the credit limit more than once during the term of the note.

We strive to make the loan application process simple and efficient. Please feel free to contact us at (512) 892-8999 for any questions regarding the application process. We are happy to walk you through it by phone.

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