Five Herd “Rules of Wisdom”

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Five Herd “Rules of Wisdom”

There are many different methods to raising livestock, yet there are 5 proven “rules of wisdom” that we can agree upon.

#1. Work with a good veterinarian & keep animal health at the forefront.

Animal health depends on many factors like preventing and treating diseases, but also maintaining pasture health.  Don’t forget that your local Ag extension is available for concerns related to your land.  Having a good veterinarian-client relationship is key to ensure that you can get antibiotics responsibly and quickly.

#2. Quality is in the price.

It’s a known fact that getting as much information about the livestock you’re interested in purchasing beforehand earns you the best type of investment.  Make sure you understand the EPD, genetic evaluations and any other data available prior to purchase.  Spending more to acquire a quality bull will pay off when you’re ready to market your calves.

#3.  Remove the wild cows.

Wild cattle can be a danger to your herd, employees and yourself and ultimately can cause much more headache than it’s worth.  Wild cattle often result in lower conception/calving rates.  In addition, their genetic traits can be linked.  Therefore, in the long run, the cost for you is much higher to hang on to her, than get rid of her.  Once she’s gone, it may be worth investing in some animal training to have a calmer, more productive herd.

#4.  Good fences make for better neighbors.

If you think about it, good fencing represents an investment in risk management.  Whether that is protecting your prized genomic cow from getting accidentally bred by the neighbor’s bull or preventing your cattle from getting out and causing an accident, fences provide that safeguard.  And because of this and so many more possible negative scenarios, fences should be inspected regularly and maintained.

#5. Plan ahead.

We always hate to think about the worst case scenario, but smart farmers and ranchers must.  Unexpected accidents (including death) and weather-related disasters can happen at any given time.  Are you prepared?  Do you have a succession plan in place?  Do you have the right resources handy?  It’s imperative to have plans in place so that if the unimaginable happens, your livestock production does not skip a beat and your legacy continues onward.

Do you need to get a succession plan in place?  Agrow is available to help walk you through your options and provide the financing needed to accomplish what is best for you, your herd and your legacy.  Contact us today!

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