A Cry for Farm Bill Completion

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On September 30th the 2014 Farm Bill expired and a new bill has yet to make its way to Congress.  Financial security for farmers and ranchers is a necessity and particularly with the many obstacles they are facing including low prices, an uncertain market and unpredictable weather. The farm bill will supply that safety net needed.

Numerous organizations are urging the House & Senate leaders to complete the farm bill by the end of the year so that farmers and ranchers have the secure credit needed for planting, equipment, fuel and more going into 2019. Previously this year, both the House & Senate passed separate versions of legislation and now need to compromise on a single bill to send to Congress for approval.

The farm bill is critical for many reasons.  It includes policies that support food safety, crop insurance, animal disease prevention, research, etc.  Currently farmers, ranchers and consumers are living anxiously not knowing what the next 5 years will look like in an already gloomy industry.  It’s our hope that President Trump receives a completed farm bill ready for approval by December.


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