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Tillable, the Airbnb of Agriculture

Who knew that renting farmland would be just as easy as getting an Airbnb rental for your next vacation?  Tillable.com is connecting landowners and growers by offering digital leases, automated payments & data collection to help streamline farmland rentals.  According to USDA, 40% of all American farmland is rented, yet many landowners are unsure what their property’s rental market value is.  With the help of Tillable, the rental price is determined by what the grower offers.  This creates price discovery and in many instances, the access of new land to those where this may not have been possible before.  Each potential renter has a profile with the site that is detailed with their experience, equipment, etc.  This allows the landowner to get fully informed on a potential renter.

Currently Tillable is marketed in Illinois, Iowa & Southern Minnesota with the expectation to expand in the coming years.


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For more information about Tillable, please visit https://tillable.com/.


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