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National Ag Day

Today, Thursday, March 14th, marks National Ag Day.  This is the third year that the President of the United States has publicly recognized National Ag Day.  Today is set aside for fellow Americans to acknowledge and give thanks to farmers, ranchers & agribusinesses for their impact in our daily lives.

American agriculture families and communities are the reason that our country’s exports are valued at more than $141 billion.  For every $1 billion in exports, about 8,400 American jobs are supported.

This industry requires hard work, dedication, and drive.  And we as Americans rely on the food, fuel, feed & fiber that is provided from farmers, growers, ranchers, producers, stewards and all others working in agribusiness across the US.

At Agrow, we believe that agriculture continues to represent the heart of American productivity.  And today, in particular, we encourage each other to express gratitude to our hard-working friends, neighbors and families in agriculture.


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